Antique car being towed

The Right Equipment for Any Towing Job Anywhere

Our impressive lineup of well-maintained and fully equipped trucks gives us the ability to handle any towing problem promptly and professionally in New Glasgow. From oversized loads to motorcycles to farm equipment—we tow it all. We even have an off-road crawler capable of reaching remote locations light-duty trucks simply cannot access!


1. 2013 Freightliner Crew Cab
  • Medium-duty
  • 23' deck
  • 150' winch
  • 2-vehicle carrying capacity
  • 6-passenger capacity
  • Fifth wheel (ball & pin)
  • RV and travel trailer (ball & prindle hitch)

2. 2003 Freightliner
  • Medium-duty
  • 22' deck
  • 120' winch

3. 2011 Freightliner
  • Heavy-duty
  • 30' deck
  • 3-vehicle carry capacity
  • 75' winch
  • Fifth wheel, RV and motor home towing


1. 1990 International
  • Medium-duty
  • 160' 12-ton dual winch
  • Boom extended 14-ton/retracted 16-ton
  • 8-ton wheel lift and sling equipped
  • Capable of towing school buses

2. 2003 Ford F550
  • Light-duty
  • 100' 4-ton winch
  • Boom extended 8-ton/retracted 10-ton
  • 3 stage wheel lift and sling

3. 1993 Dodge 3500
  • Light-duty
  • 125' 4-ton dual winch
  • Boom extended 8-ton/retracted 10-ton
  • 2-stage wheel lift and sling
  • Snow plow attachments
  • All-purpose vehicle used for winter, muddy roads and rough terrain

1965 Bombardier J-5 Crawler
  • Unlimited off-road recovery reach
  • Used in wet fields, swampy areas, seasonal roads and rough terrain - recoveries where tow trucks can't go
NOVA SCOTIA TOWING SERVICES FOR: NEW GLASGOW, STELLARTON, WESTVILLE, TRENTON, PICTOU , PICTOU COUNTY, Trans Canada Hwy 104, Hwy 106, Hwy 4, Sunrise Trail, Northumberland Shore, Antigonish, Amherst, Barney's River, Blue Mountain, Bridgeville, Broadway, Caribou, Central Onslow, Debert, East River, St. Mary's, French River, Garden of Eden, Hopewell, Kemptown, Lansdowne, Lismore, Loch Broom, Lorne, Maitland, Marshy Hope, Meiklefield, Merigomish, Moose River, Mount Thom, Oxford, Oxford Junction, Pictou Landing, Pugwash, River John, Saltsprings, Scotsburn, Sheet Harbour, Springhill, Sunnybrae, Sutherland's River, Sylvester, Tatamagouche, Thorburn, Toney River, Trafalgar, Truro, West River Station, White Hill, and many other places in Nova Scotia - just call!